Control Center

The PCLinuxOS Control Center, commonly known as PCC is the powerhorse behind all PCLOS distributions. This is one of the main reasons for using PCLOS as the base system for this project.

PCC is a revamped version of the Mandriva control center with added functionality especially for PCLOS. It's like the Windows Control Panel, only better!

You'll find the Control Center in the menu under the System submenu.

You should use PCC to control all aspects of your install including:

  • Hardware setup and configuaration including display resolution, hard disks and printing support
  • Network setup and configuration including firewall setup
  • Mount points and partitioning
  • User and password administration
  • Grub/Lilo configuaration and boot displays
  • Samba and printer shares

You will need the root password to access PCC.

More information will be coming shortly. In the meantime try the official PCLOS Wiki:

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