The PCFluxboxOS remaster series has been created by Iain Jackson.

I would like to credit the following people/groups without whom this project would not have been possible:

Texstar and the PCLinuxOS Ripper Gang. PCLinuxOS is the best Linux distribution around and the only choice of base system for this series.

KDulcimer and Gettinther from TinyMe who have provided invaluable advice and support, not to mention a forum a repository and the PCFluxboxOS theme rpms.

Scattershot and Red-Beard - official testers. for hosting the project and providing an excellent mirror service.

Johncoom for proving the TinyFlux torrent.

Mandrake/Mandriva from which PCLinuxOS draws much of its inspiration especially the Control Center.

The Fluxbox developers for creating such a beautifully simple window manager.

The Puppy Linux team for continuing to lead the way in light Linux distributions and for being an inspiration to this project.

Whoever developed the bluebend wallpaper which has been used as the default PCFluxboxOS wallpaper.

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