Latest Release

I am pleased to announce the first test release of MidiFlux, version 0.6.1 beta (only 368 MB). This test release is built from TinyFlux 0.6b with a few improvements to the base system hence 0.6.1! One heck of a lot has been crammed into the extra 130MB so this distro should appeal to a wide variety of users, particularly those who loved TinyFlux but wanted to do more with it -see the applications lists below.

Download details

MidiFlux is hosted at Sourceforge.net | Direct download link

Once downloaded, verify your download by checking the MD5 Checksum matches this:

This can be done by opening a terminal in the location where your ISO has been downloaded and typing:
md5sum midiflux-i586-0_6_1b.iso

Alternatively CD burning applications like K3B should be able to read the checksum.

The login details for the live CD are as follows:
username: root
password: root
…gives you root access!
username: guest
password: guest
…gives you normal user access.

Main Applications

MidiFlux has an application for most user needs and contains everything you would expect from a modern Linux desktop distribution. The applications have been carefully selected for size, low system requirements and compatibility with the GTK/Gnome environment. More applications, including KDE applications can be installed via Synaptic from the main PCLinuxOS 2007 repositories. A complete application list (including system files and libraries can be found here [link coming soon]).

Internet and networking: Netscape Navigator 9 (web browser based on the Mozilla Gecko engine - very similar to Firefox); Dillo (a very light web browser); Sylpheed (email client); xChat (IRC client); Pidgin (instant messaging); TightVNC (remote desktop login); gFTP (FTP client with GUI); Pan (USENET newsreader); Transmission (lightweight bittorrent client).
Office: Abiword (word processor with numerous plugins for spelling, grammar and thesaurus, import plugin for many image and document types including Word and OpenOffice odt); Gnumeric (spreadsheet); Aiksaurus-gtk (Thesaurus); Evince (PDF and postscript document viewer); Sunbird (calendar/appointments)
Imaging: Gthumb (image viewer and organiser); GIMP (Photoshop-like digital imaging application with scanning and RAW support); XSane (scanning applications); mtPaint (simple image manipulation application)
Audio and Video: VLC (video/multimedia player including SVLC skinned version - install libdvdcss2 to play encrypted DVDs); VLC Mozilla plugin; Exaile (music library and media player); Audacious (XMMS-style audio player with support for last.fm and audioscrobbler); Grip (CD ripper and player), mixers/volume (Wmix, Aumix, Gnome ALSA mixer)
File tools: Gnomebaker (CD/DVD burning application); Grafburn (lite CD/DVD burning application); Searchmonkey (desktop file search); Grsync (file synchronization with GUI frontend); GParted (hard disk partition editor); Partimage (hard disk partition imaging).
Monitoring: Gkrellm (system monitor with plugins and themes); GPS (task manager); Netapplet (network monitor); xKill (kill run away applications fast!)
File Managers: Thunar (the XFCE graphical file manager); EmelFM2 (dual pane file manager); Midnight Commander (text base file manager that runs in a console).
Games/fun: Ltris (Tetris clone); XPat2 (solitaire card games compendium); on-screen fish tank; on-screen dali clock.
Setup/System: Synaptic package manager (front end to apt for RPM); PCLinuxOS Control Centre (PCC); GDM login manager; GTK theme changer; Xscreensaver; Gnome-ppp (dial-up Internet application); XFprint (printing panel); CUPS printer drivers (cups-common, cups-drivers, foomatic-db); Gnome-volume-manager (autorun properties for removable media/volumes).
Editors: Medit (tabbed editor); Leafpad (notepad clone); Scite (Scintilla based editor); nano/vim/xedit (console based editors).

Change Log

MidiFlux is based off TinyFlux. See the TinyFlux change log details of what went before!

MidiFlux 0.6.1 beta (27/09/2007)

Based on TinyFlux 0.6b with a few base system improvements hence 0.6.1

Applications added from main PCLOS 2007 repo:
Abigrammar plugin for Abiword
Aiksaurus plugin for Abiword
CUPS printer drivers (cups-common, cups-drivers, foomatic-db)
XSane + frontends
XSane GIMP plugin
DCRaw + Gimp plugin
Audacious plugins
VLC + SVLC skinned version
VLC Mozilla plugin
Gkrellm plugins and themes
Midnight Commander
Gnome ALSA mixer

Artifacts from PCLOS 2007 - various libraries and broken symlinks (thanks to Scattershot for pointing these out!)

Upgraded from TinyMe repo:
mklivecd with added GUI

General configuration:
Configured helper applications in Searchmonkey
Set /media/cdrom as default path for audio CDs in Audacious and Grip
Replaced all TinyFlux wallpapers with MidiFlux one
Added install sound effects for GDM
Altered Fluxbox theme name from TinyFlux to PCFluxboxOS
Increased tab size to 96
Set default screensaver
Reorganised menu
Disabled thunar-volman and used gnome-volume-manager so that DVDs autoplay on insert with VLC (tidied up autoplay scripts).
Set Wmix to run hidden in slit at startup.

26/09/2007 - full system upgrade via Synaptic.
Live CD image created 368MB.

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